10 Things Women First Notice About a Man

What women notice about men

There’s no doubt that love represents big business across the globe, with the dating services market now worth in excess of $2.55 billion in the U.S. alone.

Online dating platforms account for a growing percentage of this revenue, despite many of these having yet to convince female user or result in a high proportion of love matches. In fact, only 66% of people on dating sites actually end up going on dates, with concerns over the range and quality of matches extremely prevalent.

Women may also be more comfortable engaging with men in person, as there are various traits, features and attributes that they tend to look for in potential male partners. But what are the things that women notice about a man, and why are they important?

Women Notice your Face

Your face is the first thing that a woman will notice on a man, regardless of whether you resemble an average Joe or a bonafide Hollywood superstar.

Fortunately, women aren’t necessarily looking for  a gorgeous or perfectly symmetrical visage, but indications of solid grooming habits and a man who strives to take care of his appearance.

man face

Well-maintained facial hair is preferable to a shaggy and unkempt beard, for example, whilst those of you who adopt a clean shaven look should avoid sporting unsightly post-shave bumps or red marks.

Keep your skin hydrated and well-moisturised too, as this prevents the build-up on oil and negate the risk of rashes or sudden breakouts.

Women Notice your Smile

Whilst us Brits aren’t as fixated on smiles and brilliant white teeth as our friends in the States, a clean and captivating beam can really help to win the hearts of women.

Make no mistake; this is an attractive and welcoming feature that attracts women and potential partners, whilst it may also be indicative of a playful side and a fun sense of humour.

a man's smile

To achieve this, you need to take good care of your teeth, starting with the basics by brushing and flossing them at least twice a day. Similarly, we’d recommend cutting any excess sugar or acid from diet, as beverages such as Coca-Cola can wear away the enamel on your teeth and leave them discoloured.

Caffeine has a similar effect, so be sure to moderate your drinking and eating habits and visit the dentist every six months or so to benefit from a professional cleaning.

Women Notice your Wardrobe

Whilst it’s both stereotypical and offensive to buy into the premise that women judge a potential partner’s wardrobe choices, there’s undoubtedly a semblance of truth to this observation.

Women definitely make a note of the outfit that a man is wearing when they meet them, whether they’re on a date or have managed to catch their eye from across a crowded room.

mens clothes

Either way, men must dress well and select clothes that send out positive messages if they’re to engage potential partners,  as they look to sport garments that reflect their lifestyle, outlook and personality where possible.

On a similar note, women who are looking for long-term partners are attracted to mature and confident men who are keen to settle down. In this respect, dressing with a sense of security and maturity can help you to engage the females that you meet.

Women Notice your Sense of Style

OK, we hear you ask, but isn’t this the same as our wardrobe choices? The short answer is no, as your sense of style extends beyond the clothes that you wear and is often determined by a number of small and often minute details.

One such aspect is the fit of your chosen clothes, as overly baggy or tight clothes don’t reflect particularly well on your style choices.

mens accessories

Your choice of shoes is also important, as some women may be able to distinguish between high quality and durable leather footwear and ‘knock-off’ alternatives.

You should also pay careful attention to your accessories, including watches, pendants, bracelets and finger rings. The key is to wear accessories that compliment your choice of garments, whilst avoiding wearing excessive jewellery or overly-opulent and indulgent pieces.

Women Notice your Greetings and Manners

Whilst the word ‘gentleman’ is increasingly frowned upon by both men and women alike, there’s no doubt that women notice a potential partner’s greetings and manners when they first meet them.

Even on a fundamental level, the greeting sets the tone for everything else that’s come in the relationship, whilst the window of opportunity to impress is minimal as we only have an estimated seven seconds to make a first impression.

greetings and manners

With this in mind, it’s crucial that you make definitive eye contact with a woman when you meet her for the first time, as this helps to forge an initial connection. Be sure sure to smile too, as this will help to put her at ease and make her feel immediately more comfortable.

Good manners can go a long way too, so be sure to take care of seemingly small details such as holding open the door for your partner and pulling out their chair before settling down for dinner.

Women Notice Your Communication Skills

On a similar note, women also look out for your communication skills, and this doesn’t only apply to your ability to talk!

Sure, women are often attracted to men who can speak confidently and authoritatively in social situations, but they’re also keen to connect with a partner who’s willing to listen to them and engage in a two-way conversation.

communication skills

They also tend to prefer in-depth and face-to-face conversations, which involve eye contact, facial expressions and some physical contact.

This means that brief texts and telephone calls simply won’t do, at least if you’re looking to impress a woman as a potential life-partner.

Women Notice Your Voice, Language and Underlying Sense of Humour

This brings us neatly to the topic of language, as women genuinely care about what you have to say and the way in which you articulate your feelings.

This is where self-development can be key for men, as expanding your knowledge and vocabulary can set you apart from other males and help to establish you as a mature and fascinating partner.

The clear and confident projection will also help to make a positive first impression, whilst it goes without saying that you avoid swearing like a trooper in the company of a potential partner (whether you’re angry or extremely happy!).

No list of type would be complete without also referencing your sense of humour, and some studies have explored the science of laughter and why women are attracted to men who make them laugh. So, don’t be afraid to show your humorous and playful side, so long as this is appropriate and relevant to the tone of the conversation.

Women Notice your Hands

Whether you’re dating a man or a woman, the chances are that dirty, smelly or overly coarse hands may put paid to your chances of finding love.

Make no mistake; these issues can undermine even the brightest smile and the firmest of handshakes, as they raise questions over your hygiene, social skills and even the level of education that you’ve experienced during your lifetime.

mens hands

To avoid this, just remember to wash your hands regularly, and not only after using the bathroom!

At the same time, don’t be afraid to moisturise your hands on a daily basis, as this helps to prevent cracked skin and keeps the secretion of natural oils to a minimum.

Women Notice your Fragrance

Whilst humans don’t have a functioning vomeronasal organ to detect pheromones secreted by others, some studies have shown that we may be attracted to other people’s natural body odours.

However, we wouldn’t recommend relying on this if you’re looking for love, nor would we suggest using a strong or bland deodorant to neutralise your body odour completely.

mens aftershave

Instead, you’d be far better served by investing in a bold and masculine cologne, and one that women both enjoy and associated with attributes such as confidence and dominance.

Ultimately, a man’s scent is arguably the single most important factor for women seeking a mate, and it’s important to bear this in mind as males tend to be more visual in their nature.

Your Body Movements

Now for the not-so-secret science of body language, which can offer a unique insight into your personality and have a striking impact in the minds of potential partners.

However, non-verbal communication and body language are far from being exact sciences, so you must take steps to create a positive and clear impression that will attract women.

body movements

With this in mind, try to avoid physical gestures that may catch a woman off-guard, from excess finger-tapping (which may hint at anxiety) to frequent tiling of the neck. Try to avoid folding your arms too, as this is inherently defensive body language that can discourage potential partners.

Remember, it’s all about showcasing open and positive body language, which shows that you’re willing to engage in a relationship and get to know others.

The Last Word

So there you have it; 10 things that women first look for when they meet a man or engage with a potential partner.

These are definitely important things to keep in mind if you’re looking for a new or long-term partner, whilst they can also help you to present your very best self when meeting new people in an offline setting!

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