21 Beard and Moustache Clubs Around the World 

Moustache and Beard Clubs

Beards have not only become increasingly popular in the UK, but they’re now also commonplace throughout the world. In fact, an estimated 55% of men from around the world can be seen sporting a beard or moustache in the modern age, with this number having increased markedly during the last few years. 

In the UK, more than 42% of men currently sport a beard or some other form of facial hair, with this number having increased from around 36% back in 2011 

To accommodate the growing popularity of beards and the cultural influences that surround them, the world is now packed full of facial hair and moustache clubs. 

We’ve listed 21 of the best clubs here, throughout nations such as the UK, the U.S. and Canada. 

The British Beard Club 

The British Beard ClubThe British Beard Club is the most popular establishment of its type in the UK, whilst it also has the distinction of being the first facial hair entity based on these shores. 

Formed in 2008, it’s a social club whose members meet in person in groups nationwide, whilst it regularly draws beard enthusiasts and admirers who want to celebrate the majesty of facial hair. 

The club also operates a member subscription model, with all proceeds from the non-profit club merchandising contributing to their annual donations to charities. An impressive $18,125 was raised as recently as 2017, and this is only likely to increase as the club’s popularity grows. 

The Handlebar Club 

The Handlebar ClubAs the moniker of this outlet suggests, the Handlebar Club has been designed specifically for people who have “a hirsute appendage of the upper lip, with graspable extremities”.  

This fun and lively club boast a raucous and well-known history, having been formed back in 1947 in the dressing room of comedian Jimmy Edwards at London’s iconic Windmill Theatre. 

According to folklore, the first ever meeting included both founding members and chorus girls in equal measure, along with some of the finest handlebar moustaches ever seen. 

The club is still going to this day, even though the popularity of the handlebar moustache has dwindled of late. 

The Wessex Beardsmen 

The Wessex BeardsmenThis club has a rather grand and almost aristocratic-sounding name, but despite this, it adheres to a relatively simplistic motto which reads “good friend, good bear and good times”. 

Whilst it was only founded in 2013, it has certainly made its mark in local communities, having made large donations to the UK’s Make-A-Wish Foundation and other charities. 

This club is even home to British Beard and Moustache competitions, which creates a unique sense of competitiveness and some genuinely immersive fun. 

B.O.M.B (The Brotherhood of Moustaches and Beards) 

Now we switch our focus to the States, which is based in South Florida and serves the three counties of Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade.   

The group was initially founded to challenge any existing preconceptions surrounding bearded and moustachioed men, by turning the attention away from masculinity and instead focusing on their members’ work within local communities. 

They’re another club that has raised funds for several different charitable organisations, including the Miami Children’s Hospital and Autism Speaks. Their annual beard and moustache competition also supports different local charities each year, which has made the club one of the most famous in North America. 

The Kansas City Beard & Moustache Club


Interestingly, the Kansas City Beard & Moustache Club is one of the more relaxed outlets of its type, and one that has wowed locals since its inception in 2011. 

Its premise was to promote facial hair awareness, whilst you don’t pay subscription fees or even need to have a beard to become a member. 

Instead, you simply need to be a beard and moustache enthusiast, whilst also being fully open to having a great time! 

Windy City Beards 

Windy CityChicago has always been a relatively open and welcoming kind of place, regardless of your colour, creed, or the way that you wear your facial hair. 

Windy City Beards are a testament to this, with this relaxed and immersive social club having been founded in 2014 as a way of promoting facial hair growth and care. 

Austin Facial Hair Club 

Austin facial hair clubSome may argue that Texas is a spiritual home for beards and facial hair, with the state’s previous generation of tough ranchers and cowboys synonymous with this type of rugged look. 

As a result, the Austin Facial Hair Club remains one of the world’s most popular entities of its type anywhere in the world. It’s certainly representative of the Texan love for unkempt male facial hair, whilst it even hosted the 2017 World Beard and Moustache competition. 

This club is also open to everyone, whether you sport a thick and fulsome beard or simply appreciate the look. 

The American Moustache Institute 

American Mustache InstituteThis is actually one of the oldest facial hair clubs in the States, with the American Moustache Institute having been founded all the way back in 1965. 

But why was it established; we hear you ask? Fascinatingly, its founding members wanted to address a culture that they deemed to be “discriminatory” to American citizens with moustaches, and the club has evolved from this purpose ever since. 

This group undoubtedly treads the fine line between tongue-in-cheek humour and serious points of view, whilst the St. Louis-based club is arguably the most famous institute of its type anywhere in the world.  

The Cincinnati Beard Barons 

Cincinnati Beard BaronsIt’s fair to say that some beard and moustache clubs have been created more aspirational than others, with the Cincinnati Beard Barons having being established to “leave the city better than they found it”. 

This is another group that’s based on the principles of facial hair and charity, with the work that they do in the local community having earned them national praise. 

They welcome all types of facial hair too, whether you like the underrated chin strap beard or a classic handlebar moustache. 

The Los Angeles Beard & Moustache Club 

Los Angeles Beard & Mustache ClubLA is renowned for its high-end Hollywood style, so it stands to reason that the Los Angeles Beard & Moustache Club is one of the most iconic entities of its type in the world. 

It certainly promotes trendy and cutting-edge facial hair styles, whilst also placing a focus on the clothing and accessories that really make your beard pop. 

This club also carves out a niche for bearded and moustachioed men in a world of clean-cut hunks, and it has done much to promote alternative looks in Southern California. 

South Central Alaska Beard & Moustache Club 

South Central Beard & Mustache ClubAlaska is one of the coldest inhabited places on earth, so it should come as no surprise that there is a huge amount of bearded men in Alaska.  

After all, thick facial hair can provide a significant layer of warmth in colder climates, with fulsome and bushy beards most commonplace in the area. 

This also makes the South Central Alaska Beard & Moustache Club one of the hairiest entities of its type anywhere, whilst its annual Mr Fur competition is extremely popular and dates back to 1950. 

The New Jersey Beard & Moustache Club

J&J Beard CompanyNew Jersey is a straightforward and macho kind of place, with locals typically sporting rugged and thick beards that are truly impressive.  

Many of the local bearded population are members of the popular New Jersey Beard & Moustache Club, which is a member of the North American Competitive Beard and Moustache Alliance. 

Its regular meetings move around the state too, giving people from all over the chance to attend at local bars and restaurants as and when they can. They also do a great deal of charity work too, which is something of a common theme running throughout these clubs globally. 

The Mad Viking NC Beard Club

Mad Viking Beard ClubThe last U.S. establishment on our list is the Mad Viking NC Beard Club, which is based in North California and was opened up back in 2014. 

This club was borne solely out of a love for facial hair, along with a desire to support a whole host of worthy causes in NC and beyond. 

This club has a delightfully laid-back air too, as its members regularly meet for fundraisers, contests and even barbecues during the height of summer.  

The Toronto Facial Hair Club 

Toronto Facial hair clubNow we turn our attention to the rest of the world, starting with the popular Toronto Facial Hair Club in Canada. 

The members of this busy club gather once every month to drink, discuss the latest beard trends and talk about other macho pastimes. 

They’ve also hosted several facial hair events during their time, whilst being known to indulge in other “manly” pastime too. These include the long-forgotten art of axe-throwing, with the club even hosting an annual league for this discipline! 

The Irish Beard & Moustache Association 

Irish beard and moustache clubIreland is renowned as a raucous and high-energy kind of country, whilst its men are renowned for their masculinity and outgoing nature.  

As a result, we should be surprised about the popularity of the Irish Beard & Moustache Association, which allows those with facial hair and their partners to celebrate the strengths of masculinity. 

This group also offers advice for facial hair growth and key styling tips, helping members to make the most of their various beard types. 

The Paris Moustache Club 

Paris Moustache ClubParis may be a city gripped by love and an innate sense of style, but it’s also home to an incredible range of facial hair types. 

There’s a good reason for this too; as whilst men love to sport facial hair in the French capital, Parisian women also adore beards and classically styled moustaches. 

As a result, the Paris Moustache Club is incredibly popular and its meetings are well-attended, whilst its member base continues to grow year-on-year. 

The Sydney Facial Hair Club

sydney facial hair clubNext up is Sydney’s’ club devoted to facial hair lovers and one that supports all other similar establishments nationwide. 

The Sydney Facial hair Club is also an incredibly serious establishment and one that limits its membership to men with beards and clearly-defined moustaches. 

The group has a strong online presence, however, meaning that members have joined from all over the world. 

The Hofen Beard Club 

Hofen beard clubFew nations are as masculine as Germany, and in this respect, the Hofen Beard Club has to be one of the most macho of its type anywhere in the world. 

It also captures the mindset of many men with facial hair with its motto “A man with a beard – always a hair length ahead!”, whilst the initial purpose of the club was to promote natural growth and natural styling tips. 

In this respect, the Hofen Club is something of a support group for facial hair enthusiasts, especially those who are growing a beard or moustache for the first time. 

The Berlin Beard Club 

Berlin Beards ClubNext up is the Berlin Beard Club, which sits in Germany’s capital and was established all the way back in 1996.  

This club has certainly earned repute and a global presence in its relatively brief history, with Berlin having earned the distinction of hosting the World Beard and Moustache Championships (this years’ installation was held in the Belgian city of Antwerp). 

The Dollar Beard Club 

Dollar Beard ClubBefore we go, we wanted to reference a couple of commercial beard clubs, which operate online and boast a distinctly product-oriented focus. 

First up is the Dollar Beard Club, which sends high-quality and sumptuous grooming products that will help you create soft, luscious and incredibly stylish facial hair. 

This is a premium club that’s globally renowned, and not to be confused with the Dollar Shave Club which sells affordable razors to men on a regular basis. 

The Lucky Scruff Beard Club 

Lucky Scruff Beard clubOur last club is based in Nashville, whilst it also offers outstanding hand-crafted products that are sold at affordable prices. 

This subscription-based club also promotes products from around the globe, including coveted Merkur Razors and Kent Handmade Combs. 

The Last Word 

Of course, the world is packed with popular and mercurial facial hair clubs, and we faced a difficult challenge selecting 21 from this incredibly diverse list.  

However, our shortlist offers you an insight into the growing popularity of facial hair across the globe, whilst highlighting how those with beards and moustaches celebrate their masculinity across the globe. 

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