The Best Shampoos for Bald Men: 2022 Reviews and Guide


I have spent months trying and testing a wide range of products on the market to bring you the best shampoos all in one place – saving you both time and money.

I understand the struggles us gents have when it comes to finding the perfect shampoo, some people may think – shampoo? But you’re bald? But it is actually so important and vital to keeping a moisturised, smooth and clean scalp.

People have the misconception that shampoo is for your hair, but those people couldn’t be more wrong. Shampoo is actually for your scalp and conditioner is for your hair follicles. Shampoo helps with a variety of scalp issues and since there is no hair there to mask, scalp care is essential to rocking the bold head.

There are millions of shampoo products on the market, so let me be the guinea pig and help you save your dollars.

My Current Favourites

Below are my top 3 ultimate universal ‘shampoo for bald men’ for those who don’t particularly struggle with any scalp issues, but are instead looking for a shampoo that covers all angles, leaving their head looking fresh and rejuvenated.

MANTL Face and Scalp Cleanser

Manlt Men Cleanser
Co-founded by Netflix Star, Karamo Brown, MANTL cleanser & their skincare products in general are extremely impressive, hence why I placed it at the top of the leader board.

I like the fact that their products are developed by bald men, for bald men.

There really aren’t many luxury products out there for the face + scalp, but I have to say, this Cleanser really ticks all the boxes. It doesn’t dry the skin and it keeps your head from looking oily throughout the day.

I’ve already written a comprehensive review on MANTL Skincare, and it’s fair to say that MANTL produce the best products for a bald guy, hands down!

My scalp and my overall skin heath was noticeably better within days.

You can really feel a fresher and cleaner look and feel to your scalp just after one wash and it’s perfect for any skin type.

I must also note that this product lasted me just over 5 weeks and I used it twice daily on both my head and face.

Its foaming formula means that the product really stretches and 1 pump gave me a good thick lather. I use MANTL skincare on a daily basis and is now a necessity in both my morning and evening routine.

MANTL also offer a popular free trial on their essentials skincare starter kit, which contains the cleanser. This is worth $30 but you only have to pay shipping for the first month – a perfect way to try out their products!

Kheils Amino Acid Shampoo

Khiels ShampooA good product for normal scalp types. When a little water is added, this shampoo creates a great, thick and creamy lather and once rinsed, leaves you with an extremely clean and clinic feel. Some of you may like that, some not so much. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this shampoo for the self-confessed shinny head’s amongst us as this shampoo does leave a very polished look.

Slightly on the pricier side too, this shampoo is $12 for a tiny 75ML bottle, hence why this shampoo has slipped slightly down my scale.

Best Shampoos for Itchy Scalps

Next, I have tried and tested shampoos that are good for itchy scalps, being a sufferer myself, here are what worked best for me and why…

Aveda Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser

Aveda ShampooThis shampoo is created by professionals in hair and scalp care, and the product demonstrates this. In just under 2 weeks I felt a huge relief of my usual scalp irritation that I have not had with any shampoo I have used on the market.

It feels quality, looks sophisticated and also smells good. This products comes with a pointy and precise applicator which is really easy to use for direct application without wasting any of the product. It works by removing pollution that builds up in the scalp, perfect for bald heads as they are exposed to more pollution than those with a full head of hair.

This product is slightly on the pricey side, marketed at $32 for a 150ML bottle, but the quality of this product, in my opinion, is worth every penny.

Philip Kingsley Itchy Scalp Shampoo

Philip Kingsley ShampooSo, I must start with a slight negative to this shampoo, it is pricey, selling at $31 for a 250ML bottle, although you get 100ML more of this product than you do the Aveda shampoo (see above) for the same price. That aside this is a very effective and I found great relief from the shampoo from my usually itichy and irritant scalp. Although the relief wasn’t quite as good as the Aveda one, you do get 100ML more for the same price and so it goes without saying that the product lasts longer, although not as instantly effective.

That set aside, this shampoo is undoubtably effective and works really well on a dry scalp. I am a big believer, after conducting this experiment that, not necessarily for all products on the market, but you certainly get what you pay for. And this product is a prime example of that. A little pricey but in my opinion, certainly worth the investment.


Therefore, if you’re looking for a more of an instant relief, choose the Aveda shampoo, but for a long term resolution, I would personally choose this shampoo.  

Best Shampoos for Dry Scalps

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Treatment Shampoo

Australian Bodycare ShampooTea Tree Oil is a great product for dry skin and eczema. This shampoo is full of moisture creating a rich lather with just a drop of the product. The bottle is sleek looking and the product contains 2% of pure Australian Tea Tree, a mating ground for the Melaleuca alternifolia plant.

This shampoo also contains a hint of peppermint which has a cooling effect, highly effective and refreshing during a steamy, hot shower.

This shampoo is so nourishing that a moisturiser wasn’t always necessary for me after use. I only went in with a moisturiser on days I felt extra dry or on days when the weather was a little colder as that’s when my dry scalp is at an optimum.

It is also cheap for the volume and quality being priced at just under $12 for a 250ML bottle.

Living Proof Dry Scalp Treatment

Living Proof ShampooNow this isn’t a shampoo as such, it is a leave in treatment for dry, itchy and irritant scalps that need a little TLC. I have tried and tested this product and it has easily been implemented into my hair care regime. The bottle recommends that you use this product 3 times a week but I use it just once a week, alongside of my shampoos just to add a touch of moisture, without being too high maintenance.

This little tube certainly goes a long way, mainly because we have no hair to absorb the majorit of the product, but also because it is long lasting and depending how frequently you use the product, it can last months.

It is sold at $31.25, however, since this product is so long lasting, I think it is certainly worth its price tag.

Brickell Daily Strengthening Shampoo, Natural and Organic

Brickell ShampooThis is a good product for those who are holding on tightly to that last bit of hair. Not that I would be able to tell you that as I lost mine during my early 20’s. So, instead, a friend of mine tried this product and would highly recommend to any man that has developed ‘the melon’ just like him but is also a sufferer of a dry scalp too.

He said that ‘after the first time trying this product I could see and feel a difference to the texture of my hair. I looked shinier, smoother and a hell of a lot fuller than it has in years.’

This product could help those with receding hair lines to deduce the receding by months or even years.

My friend also added that ‘this product is worth its weight in gold and I would highly recommend it to people who, like me, have tried hundreds of caffeine products and thickening shampoos but have just seen no pay off.’

This product is available on amazon and is $24 ‘slightly a little pricey for its quality to use on a daily basis however.’

Best Shampoos to Combat Dandruff

Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo by The Body Shop

The Body Shop ginger ShampooFairtrade, organic and a great company ethos, The Body Shop has it just right when it comes to their products and this Ginger Anti-Dandruff shampoo is life-changing for sufferers of a dry and flaky scalp.

You can really smell the punch of real ginger in this product as soon as you pop the lid. It is so refreshing and extra nourishing, you will no longer have to be worried about who’s sat behind you in a restaurant, or who can see your dandruff in a busy crowd, trust me, I’ve been there and it is soul destroying, but this shampoo really changed that for me.

One wash with this shampoo and I could tell a difference straight away, 3 washes in and it had completely transformed my scalp.

On top of all this I also found the price of this product to be remarkable, to say how good the product was, you can get a 400ML bottle, which will last you at least a month, for a great price of $12.

La Roche-Posay Kerium Intensive Treatment Shampoo

La Roche Posay Anti Dandruff ShampooThis really does what it says on the tin. I found that it cleared up my dandruff a significant amount after just one wash. However, the flaking did come back slightly after one wash, by the second wash it was completely gone! So don’t panic if you don’t see perfect results after just one wash.

This product has a lovely apple scent, arguably slightly on the feminine side. It is a clear gel like substance and deeply cleans to create a fantastic clean and flake-free result.

This is not an everyday shampoo but is to be added to your shampooing regime by using it twice a week, perfect for an intense treatment.

Best Shampoos for Oily and Shiny Heads

Next, I thought I would add tried and tested products which best suit oily and shiny head sufferers. I do not struggle with this myself, however, my trusted and brutally honest friend does and so he conducted this part of my experiment for me to bring you the most honest and critical review I could. Here is what he discovered…

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay ShampooCheap as chips and does the job. This shampoo is very accessible, being sold in pretty much every supermarket I’ve ever been to as well as any drugstore, such as Boots, Superdrug etc. It is sold for around $4-$5 and comes in a huge bottle that holds 400ML. If you suffer from an oily scalp then this clay balancing shampoo is formulated to balance and refine the oils that are produced from your scalp and reduce them. It worked for me and I have noticed a huge difference since using this shampoo. However, I did find that I got much better results when I used it alongside ‘oil-free’ pads which I think is a reflection on the price of the product. But, say that, if you are looking for an uncomplicated, reliable shampoo that is also affordable and you are an oily skin and scalp sufferer, then this shampoo comes recommended.

Mantl Men No-Shine Sheets

Mantl Men No Shine PadsNow I know these aren’t exactly a shampoo and using them alone, they have zero cleansing properties, however when used alongside the Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo, as described above, they worked wonders. For years I have been embarrassed going to restaurants or going into a work meeting knowing that a few minutes into the meeting my scalp begins to excrete extra oils, giving me that very undesirable look of a ‘shiny bald head’ – not what you want. These sheets are discrete so you can just wipe down and take off any access oils within seconds… without anyone knowing. The sheets are in a little plastic tube and are highly versatile and transportable. They can even fit in your pocket! For me, these are an essential for everyday use and I no longer get worried when in public about any shine.

They are very reasonably price to to say how effective they are, priced at a very affordable $10 and also reasonably priced in ‘refills’ so you don’t have to repurchase the dispenser every time.

Highly recommend.

Do I Need Shampoo if I’m Bald?

The answer is simple, YES.

Shampoo is for the scalp and conditioner is for the hair follicles. Therefore, to maintain a healthy scalp, which, let’s be honest if you’re bald, is pretty much a necessity, then you need to use shampoo.

Even if you do have a bald head, you may find that you have patches of small hair growth and so the shampoo is essential to keep both that hair and your scalp cleaned, clean and looking fresh.

If you just use soap on your scalp you are more than likely to run into a lot of issues. Soap is very drying and causes dandruff or a dry scalp in most men that lather themselves in it on a daily basis. Soap contains an ingredient that beaks away your skins naturally oily layer – Sebum. This layer is the second protective barrier after your skin layer and it vital to maintain a healthy and normally functioning scalp. Therefore you should protect it at all costs. The easiest way you can do this is by using a shampoo.

What Makes a Good Shampoo?

There are certainly different sections to this question. What you like personally and what, by ingredient to bottle what statistically makes a shampoo.

For me, I like a shampoo to be minimal in scent, therefore you know it’s not loaded with a ton of harsh chemicals. I like a shampoo to create a thick lather on my head and in my hands and I like shampoo to have a luxurious feel, silky in texture. However, this is all down to preference.

natural ingredientsDermatologists however, have a different perspective on what accounts for a good shampoo. Here is their opinion on what you should look for in a shampoo and what to avoid when searching for the perfect shampoo for you.

There are several ‘red flag’ ingredients which are commonly found in shampoos and these should be avoided at all costs. These are:

  • Sulfates, either sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). These are often used as a foaming agent, which may feel nice, a foam is not what cleans your scalp and in fact, these sulphates are a harsh and unnecessary chemical addition to shampoos which also have links to some potential cancers, extensive research has shown.
  • These are usually added to lower value shampoos for their preserving agent and also antibacterial properties, however they can be known to cause a variety of health issues including DNA damaging effects. They can also cause scalp irritation, so try and avoid these where possible.
  • These are the fragrances that you find in some shampoos. They are artificial and have been liked with Asthma in children. A good alternative, if a smelly shampoo is important to you, look for products that list specific essential oils used for fragrance. While essential oils can be irritating to some people, in general they are a safer alternative to synthetic fragrances. If you see a product and in the ingredients list it states ‘fragrances’, you can pretty much guarantee that the product will contain phthalates, so avoid these if possible.

Now the negatives are out of the way, here is what you should look for in a good shampoo:

  • Plant-based/organic/raw ingredients. All these ingredients are better for both your scalp and the planet. These ingredients are derived from plants grown without pesticides and unnecessary chemicals and are available in a variety of different types; itchy scalp, moisturising, oily scalp.

The Last Word

Choosing a shampoo is largely down to preference, scalpt type and budget. However, I hope with this ‘Ultimate guide’ you can make informed decisions when choosing the perfect shampoo for you because at the end of the day, your bald head is your stand out feature so show it off and have it at its best at all times.


Paul Inman

Paul Inman is the founder of The Bald Gent. As the main contributor to TBG, Paul has years of knowledge, experience and stories to share with our users. His insights, advice and blogs form the backbone to everything we do and what makes being a true gent so important to the ethos of TBG.

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    i’m a mixed race guy, so i was wondering if you could recommend which shampoo would be right for me.

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