Accepting & Embracing Baldness Will Cure Your Worries

Embracing Baldness

We have established already that if you’re losing your hair then quite frankly, there’s not much you can do about it. Accepting and embracing this fact will cure your worries, now and forever.

Yes, there are some medications on the market such as Regaine, Minoxidil and Finasteride, all of which have different results depending who’s taking it and for how long.

All of these do post warnings of side effects and they only work as long as you keep taking them.

These medications aren’t cheap either, you be spending a serious amount of money each month with mixed results and a big hole in your pocket.

I’m not going to preach at you but please consider all the facts before you think about trying these products, I know it’s hard and I know you’re looking for a way to slow the loss down or better still prevent it, but to be totally honest you’re wasting your time and money.

OK, there will be men that start with these medications early, have enough money to continually use them and suffer no side effects but for most of you, this is not the case.

It’s reported that more than 95% of male hair loss is due to male-pattern baldness, a genetic trait. It affects 40% of men by the age of 35 and half of all men by the age of 50, half of all men!


Hair Loss Statistics

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So with this in-mind think about what you do now, the money you will spend and potential the health risks of taking these medicines at an early age, will it all be worth it? Probably not.

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Let me offer you an alternative, it took me a few years to come to terms with this when I was a young man losing my hair but, it’s going to happen so embrace it.

As I have said previously, there are plenty of ways you can manage your hair loss. Talk to you barber about a new style, look in the style section of this site for advice and tips.

Make sure you keep yourself fit and healthy, diet and exercise can play a part of slowing the loss and also make you feel better about yourself.

Once you get to the stage where looking like either a monk or a clown is your only option then you know what to do – reach for that razor my friend, you’ll never look back.

Paul Inman

Paul Inman is the founder of The Bald Gent. As the main contributor to TBG, Paul has years of knowledge, experience and stories to share with our users. His insights, advice and blogs form the backbone to everything we do and what makes being a true gent so important to the ethos of TBG.

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