10 Grooming Tips Every Bald Guy Should Know

I was reading recently that male pattern baldness accounts for more than 95% of all hair loss in men, with approximately two-thirds of Brits likely to have experienced some degree of hair loss by the tender age of 35.

Apparently, us Brits are also among the most susceptible to premature hair loss, with the UK having the fifth highest count of bald headed gents at around 39.2%.

I’m included in this number, and as someone who lost their hair at 17 I understand how hard it can be to cope with the emotional and physical impact of male pattern baldness. In this article, I’ll discuss some top grooming tips for the average bald gent and ask how they can them to empower their bold new look!

1. Shave your Head – And Keep it That Way!

There’s several defined stages of male pattern balding, as your hairline recedes and follicles are lost from the crown and the temples.

For anyone who finds premature hair loss stressful, this can be a long and torturous process, and one that creates significant emotional issues and a sustained lack of self-esteem.

From my own experience, it was only when I shaved my head that these feelings of anxiety and self-awareness began to dissipate, and there’s no doubt that taking this bold step enables you take control of your destiny and proactively define your brand new look.

Shaving your head definitely empowers you with a renewed sense of confidence, and one that’s evident to those around you. According to several studies, bald men are perceived as being 6% more confident and 13% more dominant than those with a full head of hair, and this can have a positive impact on your personal and professional lives.

Bald man shaving head with trimmer

If you’re going to shave your head, however, you’ll need to develop an effective regime that creates the desired look while also taking care of your skin.

I found that shaving my head during or after a shower was most effective, as this softens the remaining hairs and made them easier to cut evenly. Depending on the stage at which your hair loss is at, you may also need to use a trimmer to remove thicker patches of hair before you pick up a steel razor.

Try to moisturise your scalp before and after shaving too, by using a specially-formulated shampoo, conditioner and balm that suit your skin type.

When shaving your scalp with a razor, be sure to apply a thick layer of shaving gel to the scalp, back and sides of your head. This will not only facilitate an even cut, but it will also provide some added protection for your skin.

2. Manage your Facial Fuzz

When you first shave your head, you may be a little perturbed by the stark nature of your new look.

The bald look can certainly be a little bland without the right approach to grooming and style, and there’s no doubt that growing facial hair can help to rebalance your face and draw attention away from your newly shorn scalp.

This is not as simple as it initially appears, however, and there are two significant considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, you’ll need to choose the right type of facial hair to suit your style and face shape, while it’s also important that you groom your beard regularly if you’re to maintain the desired look.

Bald guy trimming beard

This involves trimming both the full body of the beard and the moustache, using either a beard trimmer or scissors to achieve the desired length. You’ll also need to brush through your hair regularly prior to trimming, using a wide tooth comb to move the hairs away from your face in a sweeping, upward motion.

Taming your moustache is a difficult challenge all by itself, and for this you’ll to use a fine tooth comb and brush your hair downwards towards the upper lip. This will help you to identify any pesky split ends and remove these on a regular basis!

You should use all-natural beard balms and moisturisers to help foster the growth of your beard hair too, while ensuring that it remains soft and malleable at all times.

If you’re struggling to tame your beard hair or achieve the look your desire, I’d also recommend heading out to your local barbers for a professional finish that wows your friends!

3. Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!

We touched earlier on the importance of moisturising your scalp both before and after shaving, and there’s no doubt that this will keep your bald head in tip-top condition.

This is particularly important if you have no hair covering at all, primarily because a smooth head will always create a significant shine as light reflects from the bare skin.

It’s also important to note that our scalps produce oil naturally, and while this protects your skin from bacteria it can also exacerbate the shine on your scalp.

Bald Man moisturising

To minimise this, it’s absolutely crucial that you choose the right type of cleansing and moistursing products. Overall, I’d recommend purchasing matte cleansers and moisturisers that provide a natural anti-shine effect, while also softening your scalp skin and minimising the risk of infection.

Remember to prioritise products that suit your skin type too, particularly in instances where you have sensitive skin that’s prone to irritation.

Along with the use of high quality shampoos and moisturising conditioners, this will ensure that your scalp remains healthy, smooth and free from the build-up of excess oil

4. Pluck Those Eyebrows

Whenever you shave your scalp, this places a greater emphasis on your facial features and the overall shape of your head.

This is why selecting the right type of facial hair is so important, while it also explains the crucial role that your eyebrows play in defining your face and affording it a more appealing shape.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to go for broke and pluck all of your eyebrow hairs out (and drawing them back on with a marker pen), but I’d definitely recommend that you pluck and shape these on a regular basis.

Man plucking eyebrows

You could have this done during a trip to the barber’s, of course, but if you want to handle this yourself you should start by making the space between your brows hairless without removing too much volume from the ends.

At the same time, you should keep in mind that trimming or shaping your eyebrows does not involve removing hair from the follicle. Adhering to this rule should create a well-groomed but masculine look, and one that defines your face in the best possible way.

5. Discover your Signature Scent

Trust me, while this may seem like a relatively small detail, it’s one that can have a huge bearing on your grooming regime.

This highlights why male fragrances have contributed to a growth market in recent times, with a study in 2013 confirming that 63% of adult men wear scent on at least an occasional basis.

This number is growing too, while men are increasingly discerning about the fragrances that they wear and how they’re received by their loved ones.

Signature scent aftershave

Even on a fundamental level, it’s important to smell nice and take pride in a crucial but often overlooked aspect of your grooming regime. The key is to identify the scent (or scents) that best suit your sense of style, while being willing to experiment with new and slightly bolder fragrances.

In terms of administering this scent, star by spraying some of the warmest parts of your body including the chest, neck, wrist, forearm and lower jaw. Try not to spray on all of these points at the same time, as you should start with one while you grow accustomed to the scent and then address two or three other spots.

This ensures that you don’t go too heavy on the fragrance, as you’ll ideally be able to create a subtle and appealing scent that compliments your new look.

6. Take Care of Oral Hygiene

I’m not sure about the role that the extremities play in the laws of attraction, but it’s accepted wisdom that a man’s shoes and his smile are two of the first things that women notice about potential suitors.

This highlights the importance of oral hygiene as part of your grooming regime, as this can create a white and gleaming smile that really captures the attention of women.

This is relatively simple to achieve too; simply by brushing your teeth at least twice daily (for at least two to three minutes at a time) and using a toothpaste with a higher level of fluoride. I’d also recommend flossing your teeth twice a day, as this helps to remove hidden food particles that are easily missed during brushing.

Man Brushing teeth

You could also use mouthwash as part of your daily regime, but I’d be wary about the precise product that you choose. More specifically, try to avoid products that include alcohol, as they can dry out your mouth and cause other unwanted oral symptoms.

This can help to afford you minty fresh breath too, and this is something that’s always going to be a winner no matter who you’re interacting with.

7. Find a Hand-care Routine and Nail it!

You could argue that is this is universal grooming rule that all men should adhere to, but it’s especially effective for those who have shaved their scalp!

This is because neatly and manicured nails help to draw attention away from your newly shorn scalp, while they showcase the type of attention to detail that’s central to every successful grooming regime.

It’s also fair to say that women love a man with a neat and manicured pair of hands, so this is a winning idea that all bald men should keep in mind.

Moisturising handsIn terms of best practice, try not to clip too low when cutting your nails. You can achieve this by carefully following the natural curve of your nails and clipping each one no more than three or four times.

Don’t push inward either, as this creates unnecessary pressure that can cause you to clip your nails lower than you originally intended.

It’s also important that you don’t overlook finish, so take the time to smooth the edges of your newly shorn nails using a file. You should also look to buff any cracks, as this creates a smooth and even look that does your manicure justice.

8. Always Wash your Face Before Bed

While I don’t want to teach you how to suck eggs, it’s amazing how many of us forget to wash our face before we go to bed.

This is a deceptively important part of any grooming or beauty regime, as it affords the skin time repair itself overnight and helps to nourish the underlying cells while you sleep. It can also give your skin a much needed pollution break in the modern age, with vehicle exhaust and cigarette smoke providing a huge and unrelenting threat.

Washing faceThis process starts with a good facial scrub, and one that relies on natural ingredients that do not irritate your skin. This will remove the dead skin cells from your face before you go to sleep, cleansing your visage and alleviating any dust mite allergies that you may have.

While it’s important to scrub your face thoroughly and do this every night before bed, you should not follow this up by moisturising. The reason for this is simple; as it gives the pores on your face a chance to breathe and can leave your skin appearing oily.

9. Make Sure your Clothes Fit

Arguably, the clothes that you wear are central to your style as a bald man, and selecting the right wardrobe can help to underpin any effective grooming regime.

Most importantly; you’ll need to wear garments that fit your exact frame and body type, as this gives definition to your body and can also draw unwanted attention away from the starkness of your recently bald head!

Man in a suitOn an interesting note, it’s also proven that bald heads are reduced in their overall size, and this makes the upper body appear bigger and more muscular than it actually is. So, by wearing fitted tops that optimise the appearance of the shoulders, traps and upper chest muscles, you can create a more athletic look that actually benefits from a shaved scalp.

When choosing your clothes, you should also give consideration to the colour palates that define them. As a general rule, the individual garments that make up your outfit should sit within four shades of one another, as you look to create a complimentary look that’s both manageable and stylish.

Don’t be afraid to deviate from this rule or experiment with different colours and styles when the mood takes you, however, as redefining your wardrobe and embracing a bold new look affords the chance to project your personality to others.

10. Wear Suncream – Always!

While I was incredibly empowered by shaving my head, I had completely overlooked the fact that hair plays a huge role in protecting the scalp when the sun is out!

Make no mistake; a bald head is far more likely to be damaged by the rays of the sun, leaving your with a burned scalp and incredibly dry skin.

Man applying suncreamSo how do you resolve this issue as a bald man? The obvious answer is to use suncream on a regular basis when you’re out in the sun, as this provides an effective layer of protection that can negates the absence of hair.

I’d recommend using a product with an adequate level of UV protection against the sun’s rays, with an SP factor of at least 15 recommended by industry experts. You may even use a product with an SPF of 30 or 40, as this provides even greater protection when the sun is at its hottest,

The Last Word

So there you have it; 10 top grooming and styling tips for those of you have embraced your baldness and shaved your head for the first time.

By following these steps, you can hopefully create a comprehensive grooming regime and define a brand new style to suit your newly shorn scalp.

Paul Inman

Paul Inman is the founder of The Bald Gent. As the main contributor to TBG, Paul has years of knowledge, experience and stories to share with our users. His insights, advice and blogs form the backbone to everything we do and what makes being a true gent so important to the ethos of TBG.

  1. Hello I am just curious what products you use

    Razor –
    Shaving cream –
    AfterShave –
    Moisturizer –

    Thanks for the info

    1. Hi there, thanks for your question. As I use quite a few different products because I test them before reviews, here are some I tend to stick with.

      Razor – I just use a simple Bic razor, just the tow blades and lube strip. I have tried all kinds of razors but simple is best. Don’t look for a razor that has too many blades as this will just cut your head to ribbons!
      Shaving cream – Men-u, https://thebaldgent.com/menu-shave-creme-review/ it’s by far one of the best I have tried
      Aftershave – I am a big fan of Emporio Armani He Eau de Toilette Spray
      Moisturiser – Currently I’m using Harry’s https://www.harrys.com/en/gb/products/face-lotion It’s really good and I’ll be writing a review on this shortly
      Shampoo – we having no hair to wash I don’t really use much, if my scalp does feel dry or after holidays and I have a little dry skin I will use: Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
      Sunscreen – I tend to tan quite easily without too much burning but I always stay on a high factor, 50 spf esp on my head and face. I would suggest any good brand as I don’t have a favourite. One big piece of advice is, you can never apply too much – make sure if you’re bald like me you pay special attention to the top of your head and make sure if it gets too hot, where a hat and protect that sensitive skin

      Hope this helps

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