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Jason Statham Style Icon

Ever since making his name in the Guy Ritchie films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrows and Snatch, Jason Statham’s career has gone from strength to strength.

In fact, he is now a Hollywood icon with a cult following around the world, many of whom are drawn by his masculine persona and incredibly intuitive sense of style.

The latter point is particularly interesting, as Statham boasts a simple and classical fashion sense that maintains a timeless quality.

This should probably not come as a surprise given his time working as a model for French Connection, but it is his ability to make a stylish and premium look appear accessible that is truly impressive.

Make no mistake; anyone looking for a male style icon in the modern age should definitely reference Jason Statham.

With this in mind, here is a breakdown of his look and its core appeal.

The Smart Statham

Despite his gruff, tough guy exterior, Statham cuts a decidedly impressive and suave figure in a traditional suit. Known to favour dark shades (usually black and navy blue) and slim fit jackets, he often likes to augment his look with a tie or a matching waistcoat.

This reflects a classical and simplistic sense of style that defines Statham’s wardrobe, while it embodies a look that remains as fashionable today as it did during the 1960s. As if to reaffirm this, the Transporter star also has a preference for tweed suits, particularly those that are capture darker, single shades like grey.

The no-nonsense nature of Statham’s most famous characters is certainly reflected in the actor’s smart wear, with flashy garments and accessories notable only by their absence.

The Smart Casual Statham

Statham’s love of simple and traditional fashion also extends to his smart casual wear, which is both varied and accessible in equal measure. For example, he will occasionally cut loose by wearing a navy blue or light grey suit with an open neck shirt.

Statham usually looks to introduce a little more colour when wearing smart casual attire.

This is often represented by pastel shade shirts like pink or light blue, which help to highlight the softer persona that exists outside of Statham’s ferocious movie characters.

In the winter months, Statham tends to favour stylish, double-breasted jackets, which are typically three-quarter length wool and designed to be slim fit.

This imposing and classical look is completed by boot cut jeans and masculine, Viberg work boots, which tend to tread the line between high fashion and artfully scuffed, everyday wear. This captures the very essence of Statham’s style, while underlining how it has become so accessible to his fans and followers across the globe.

Jason Statham jeans & boots

As the warmer weather encroaches, Statham’s look will begin a seamless transition that fuses a slim fit black or navy blue blazer with boot cut jeans. This will usually accompany an open neck shirt, or in some instances a plain black or white James Perse T-shirt. Once again, there is emphasis on simplicity in terms of composition and colour, but this only serves to reinforce Statham’s look and its mainstream appeal.

The Casual Statham

As you can probably tell, there is a clear trend emerging regarding Statham’s sense of style, and this is continued as we delve into casual wear. In Spring, for example, Statham will adopt an enduringly accessible look that comprises of slip-on, hester shoes from John Varvatos, boot-cut jeans from the Ralph Lauren off-shot Supply and a well-fitted polo shirt.

Of course, the chillier days may require a switch to black or navy blue V-necked sweaters, each of which looks as though it has been made to measure without appearing showy.

The winter look for a casual Statham follows a similar theme, with the actor’s classical range of white and black T-shirts often covered by a heavy, navy-blue cable-knit cardigan.

We may also see the return of the Viberg work boots in some instances, or perhaps a pair of black leather Eldridge laceless shoes. Either way the look is clean, robust and simplistically stylish, while also exceptionally functional during the cold, winter months.

The Edgy Statham

As we have already said, the erstwhile and down-to-earth Statham does not really look to push boundaries with his sense of style (and we love him for it). With that being said, he often augments his classical look with slightly edgier and iconic garments, with the leather jacket offering a relevant case in point.

Statham’s choice of jacket is particularly telling, as he tends to favour a waist-length bomber style with minimal zips and pockets. In short, he prefers a classic and simplistic leather jacket, along his much-loved boot cut jeans and a traditional, white T-shirt. If you want a reference, consider the enduringly popular Belstaff motocross-inspired Citimaster, as this is a garment that embodies Statham like few others.

Of course, leather jackets are often impractical during the summer, causing Statham to turn away from his Citimaster and waxed-cotton winter alternatives. Instead, you may see him wearing an ice-white, slim-fit zipper jacket or perhaps one made from light denim, as these provide slight variations in colour without undermining the actor’s core aesthetic.

These garments are as closely to being edgy as Statham gets, but once again they highlight how a simple, classical sense of style need never be boring or underwhelming.

The Statham Look in Summary

Statham’s ascent as a style icon owes much to the simplicity of his look, which is distinctly classical in its nature and extremely accessible for the everyday man. More specifically, you can replicate this traditional aesthetic on a relatively small budget, with waxed cotton jackets, woollen coats and classic polo shirts available across a wide price range. Statham also underlines the importance of having classic staples within your wardrobe, before evolving these to create diverse looks for all seasons.

We think that Statham’s no-nonsense characters would appreciate the actor’s wardrobe, which manages to traverse the often sizeable gap between high fashion and everyday wear. This is certainly an example that we should all look to emulate and we strive to look out best, even if we do not have the masculine look and muscle-bound body of Statham!

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