Become a Bald Attractive Man By Keeping in Shape

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Keeping in shape not only boosts personal performance, but it also reduces stress, enhances your physical appearance and improves your mental health.

Working out and keeping yourself looking good is a massive part of building confidence, well-being and self-esteem. I’m not saying you all need to become gym freaks or lose yourself to the treadmill, what I am saying, however, is looking after yourself and exercising regularly can really help your state of mind and give you that ‘kick’ you need to make sure you’re on top of your game.

Just because you might be losing your hair, or you don’t think you ‘look as good as you used to’, is no excuse to forget about your health and appearance.

We all like to look our best, we all like the odd compliment about the way we look, there is no doubt it makes you feel better about yourself.

I’ll be the first to admit I sometimes struggle keeping myself ‘tip-top’, but now in my 40’s, I’d say I’m probably in better shape than I was back in my late 20’s and mid 30’s.

Keeping up with regular exercise is all about mental commitment, you need to push yourself to either find the time to exercise or find a suitable place to go and exercise.

It doesn’t always have to be about the gym. If you’re a guy looking to lose a few pounds or just starting to get yourself fit, then start small and build up.

A simple walk, run or swim can be a great way to kick starting your physical transformation. I have found over the years from trying different things, what works, and what doesn’t work for me; from body building to kick boxing, the best way to keep in-shape is to find something you really like… and keep doing that.

This is not about teaching you new techniques to get the ‘best abs’, or ‘tricks to a fat stomach in 2 days’, this is about mental and physical well-being.

If you are going through hair loss or your self-esteem has hit rock bottom due to balding, then the last thing you feel like doing is hitting the gym or trying to make yourself look good.

But that’s the wrong attitude. The best thing you can do is start exercising and controlling your mind-set.


Because when you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These special chemicals interact with the receptors in your brain which reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a strong and positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.


Worrying about your hair loss will not make your hair grow back, it’s time to start looking at the things you can control, the way dress, the way you groom yourself, your weight management – all of these things you can do something about so concentrate on these.

Now you might be a guy who has always struggled with weight, a guy that thinks there’s no point anymore as nothing seems to work. Well, my friend, don’t give up, don’t settle of second best and please don’t think it’s not worth making a change – trust me, looking after yourself, looking good and feeling healthy can really change the way you look at things, the way you look at yourself.

Just because nature has decided that hair isn’t for you doesn’t mean to say you can forget about the rest of you. If you want to do something about the way you look the only person stopping you, is you. There are plenty of websites, Youtube videos, DVD’s and magazines out there offering plenty of ways to get and stay in shape, all you need to do is find something that makes you ‘want’ to do it.

Finding something you like doing (or you used to like) and get on it, make the change and feel the difference – you mind will become clearer and things you were worried about will start to ease.

Bald man with muscles

Keeping in shape is not going to make your hair grow back, we all know that, but keeping yourself looking good can only help grow back your confidence, your self-esteem and you never know if might help you in your relationship too. Everyone is attracted to a person that looks after himself or herself, women love a man that is not only a gentleman, well groomed and fashionable but is fit and healthy too.

You don’t need a body like a male model, you just need to have pride in your appearance, look good and be the best you can.

Get out there Gents, there’s nothing stopping you but you.

Paul Inman

Paul Inman is the founder of The Bald Gent. As the main contributor to TBG, Paul has years of knowledge, experience and stories to share with our users. His insights, advice and blogs form the backbone to everything we do and what makes being a true gent so important to the ethos of TBG.

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