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Technological advancement has changed many aspects of our everyday life, including the way in which we shop and pay for goods. More specifically, we’ve seen the use of cash and paper money decline, whilst it’s estimated that fewer than one-in-10 transactions will be completed using coins and notes by the year 2030.

Given this and the fact that you can now pay for goods with your smartphone using Apple or Android Pay, it’s little wonder that wallets are no longer as widely used as they once were.

However, wallets continue to serve an important purpose, whilst they can also deliver a fashion statement that reveals a surprising amount about you. This accessory is also one of the few things that you’re likely to carry with you everywhere, so here’s our ultimate guide on what to look for in a men’s wallet!

Starting With the Basics – The Importance of a Neat Wallet With a Simple Design

Not only does the wallet remain an important accessory, but it’s also one that should be defined by simplicity.

This should apply to every aspect of the design, from its colour and appearance to the choice of material and aesthetic style. The main reason for this is simple; as a plain wallet with a minimalist design is enduringly versatile and can suit a host of different looks and outfits.

Beyond this, a simple and well-designed wallet also tends to be functional and neat, as it contains a number of useful compartments that enables you to easily organise your cash, cards and driving license.


This is an important consideration, as whilst cash may no longer be king it still accounts for around 40% of all transactions completed in the UK. 

As a result, you might still open your wallet between three to five times a day on average, and it’s important that you’re able to do this without having notes and coins tumbling out onto the floor.

Of course, you can showcase some flexibility with regards to colour and aesthetic design when buying a wallet to go with a particular outfit, but simplicity and neatness should always dictate your final choice!

Your Wallet as an Investment – Buy a Product That Lasts for Years

Given that so many of us underestimate the importance of having a wallet in the modern age, it’s little wonder that people are often tempted to invest in cheap products that can cost as little as £4.99.

Whilst this type of wallet may boast a classic design and feature different compartments, however, the chances are that it will be manufactured using a low-grade material and poor quality stitching.

This means that the wallet is unlikely to stand the test of time, creating a scenario where you’ll spend incremental amounts on buying replacement products over a relatively short period.

With this in mind, you’re better served by investing a little more on a higher quality wallet, and one that’s made from premium material such as cowhide leather. This type of product can be sourced for between £50 and £80 on average, which isn’t a huge investment when you consider that it can last for years of extended use.

This also betrays your ethos as a consumer, as you prioritise value for money over the bottom line cost of a product and are willing to accumulate long-term savings by spending a little more in the first instance.

Wallet mens

Of course, some of the leading brands sell premium cowhide leather wallets for as much as £300, and this type of purchase represents a huge style statement.

This is a little excessive for most tastes, however, and the fact remains that mid-range wallets can provide better value for money depending on the material and quality of stitching used.

Size Matters – Do All You Can to Avoid a Big Wallet

We spoke earlier about the importance of a neat and organised wallet, especially when trying to keep your coins and notes in place at all times.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should buy an oversized wallet, however, as larger products can be hard to fit into your pocket and also tend to be aesthetically unappealing. 

The former point is particularly important, as a wallet is designed to be portable and easy to use when on the move. In this respect, large and cumbersome wallets can prove difficult to open and close efficiently, whilst they’re also more likely to drop out of your pocket without you knowing.

Big wallets

One of the issues here is that our wallets tend to become cluttered over time, with non-essential items like receipts and train tickets. This can encourage you to buy a bigger wallet than you actually need, creating further issues down the line.

To avoid this, take the time to clear out your old wallet and throw away any unwanted paper scraps before you purchase your upgraded product. 

Then, insert your credit or debit cards, cash and other important documents, and this should give you a clearer idea of the precise size of a wallet that you require.

On a final note, remember that the precise contents of your wallet should also impact on the size and design of your new purchase. 

More specifically, those of you who carry a large number of credit and debit cards should consider buying a trifold wallet, whereas users who only carry a few cards and select few notes should instead invest in a bifold alternative.

Think About the Compartments of Your Wallet

We’ve spoken briefly about the compartments of your wallet, which play a crucial role in determining its level of functionality.

As a general rule, wallets with a larger number of compartments are considered to be more organised, but in truth, this depends on how useful they are and the way in which you use the product in question.

If you tend to carry a large number of cards, bills, receipts and banknotes in your wallet, for example, you’ll be best served by investing in a wallet that has a higher number of compartments. However, if you use your wallet sparingly and carry minimal contents with you, these could be easily lost in a larger product that has several different slots.


Some wallets come with relatively niche and specialist compartments too, such as slots for SIM and memory cards. These are ideal if you carry such items regularly, so try to compare the market for a wallet that can meet your precise needs.

If you also carry your driving license or other compact forms of identification in your wallet, you should look for a product that boasts transparent compartments. 

These pockets help you to save time in instances where you have to show your ID, as they stop you from having to fumble in different compartments when searching for the necessary documents.

It’s All Material – Don’t Forget About Colour and Style

Whilst cowhide leather is an undoubted sign of quality when buying a wallet, it’s by no means the only material available to consumers.

From cheaper but viable options like cotton and polyester to more adventurous materials such as canvas, each of these have their own unique advantages and you should experiment to find the ideal products to meet your needs.

Not all of these options have been created equal from a stylistic perspective either, so much depends on the importance that place on aesthetics and having a wallet that matches your wardrobe.

By the same token, choosing the colour of your wallet also makes for an interesting decision. As we’ve already said, plain and simple colours tend to create the most versatile wallets, but this is not always relevant when you have more than one in your locker.

wallet zipIn this case, you need to think about the specific occasions where you intend to use a particular wallet, as well as the clothes that you wear when attending.  

This should enable you to settle on a desirable and appropriate colour, and one that perfectly accessories your outfit. 

As a general rule, your job profile will also influence your decision when buying a brand new wallet. 

If you work in a bank or professional setting, for example, you’re most likely to opt for classic and darker hues such as black and brown.

Conversely, those who work as creatives or freelancers may prefer brighter wallets with more striking patterns, so don’t be afraid to look around to see what’s available!

The Last Word

So there you have it’ our comprehensive guide to the key considerations when buying a brand new wallet!

Whilst your choice of a new wallet is a deeply personal one, understanding these criteria can help you to make an informed decision, depending on your budget, usage and the contents that you carry with you on a daily basis.

The key takeaway here is to understand precisely what you need from a wallet, as this will prevent you from buying an oversized product that’s largely unfit for purpose. This is crucial, as what’s the point in having a wallet if you can’t fit it in your trouser pocket?

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