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Menu Shave Creme

Attain a smoother shave with men-ü Shave Cream. Its unique formula contains tea tree oil which works as an antiseptic to soothe and protect skin from spots and shaving rashes.

Features at a Glance

A brilliant shave crème that has everything you need for a close and comfortable shave

  • Multi-award winning product
  • Includes tea tree oil
  • Packed with lubricants
  • Helps prevent shaving nicks and rash
  • Travel size 100ml


  • A little goes a long way and you don’t need to reapply
  • Excellent silky texture and easy to work into a lather unlike some of the other shave crèmes
  • The razor really does glide over your skin whilst shaving your face and head
  • Travel size bottle that boasts over 165 applications


Priced around £10.95 per 100ml it’s not that cheap, but to be honest, you pay for what you get and this case, a great product – so in the grand scheme of things it’s totally worth it. Coming from the point of view of a bald guy who shaves his head on a daily basis, I am not sure that I agree with the claims of 165 shaves per bottle – not a massive con but nether the less I didn’t get that amount of shaves, probably because I use a little more than face shavers only.

My Opinion

So my first foray into the Men-ü exciting range of products and I have to say I’m impressed. I have never been sure about the Men-ü brand for some reason, probably because my pockets are not that deep and I have always tried the alternative, cheaper products. Well, I thought it about time to see what all the hype was about and try a product that I didn’t know much about or either use, shave crème.

One thing I like about the Men-ü range is their travel size, concentrated bottles, a brilliant idea especially if you travel a lot and like to have your favourite products with you rather than having to buy them at your destination. Not only that, the packaging, brand and marketing is all very slick which gives me the impression this company cares and is really into making its products fit for purpose.

Men-ü claim that this bottle of shave crème will last for 165 shaves based on their recommendation of 1 – 1.5 shots of the crème. This would probably be true if you’re just shaving the face but when it comes to your head as well then I think you need a little more – I have been using around 2-2.5 shots.

The crème itself is excellent; it has a really smooth and silky texture that is not too runny or too thick. It has a slight pearlescent colour and a nice fresh smell. Men-ü says you can use with or without a shaving brush, I have been using this straight from my hand to head.

Menu shave creme liquid in hand

The pump bottle works well, it doesn’t throw the crème out so most lands on the floor and you’ll be surprised with how little you need.

As I have mentioned, I have been using around 2-2.5 shots/pumps as I like to make sure there is a good covering of my head and face.

Once you have applied this to your head you do need to work this crème quite hard to get a lather, I have found that rubbing it around your head quickly helps and the more in contact the crème is with water the more it breaks down.

Shaving with this crème has been a real eye opener.

I have never been a fan of shave crèmes, I have always preferred a shave gel as I think they provide more lather – however, I have been converted!

Men-ü really has created a great product with this shave crème. When shaving you can feel the razor glide across your head and face with ease, there is no dragging or scrapping when shaving and you feel confident that the crème is doing its job when it comes to protecting your skin.

The silky feeling lasts when shaving and I have found myself leaving the crème on my head even after I have finished, I like the feeling. The crème also doesn’t clog the razor at all, a quick rinse under the shower head or in the sink will remove excess crème before the next stroke.

The tea tree really helps when is comes to helping to prevent spots, I have found less and less have developed since using this product.

This is what Men-ü says the product does

“Use with or without a shaving brush. Used by top professionals (& multi-award winning) – a great close shave, slip & smooth ride for your razor blade means less resistance, less nicks and a longer lasting blade! Includes tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic & antibacterial) which is ideal for spots and shaving rash. Packed with lubricants including silicone and moisturisers that help to provide optimum slip without drying the skin.

Many foams and gels generate too aerated a lather. What is in contact with skin & beard matters, all else is wasted! With men-ü SHAVE CRÈME you see where you have shaved and the crème breaks down upon contact with water, so will not clog multi blade razors.”


Men-ü have crème retails for between £10.45 and £12.00. Available to Buy on Amazon here. See link for accurate country-specific pricing. Product typically available for shipping Worldwide.


Final thoughts

Men-ü really has got it right with this shave crème, it’s one of the best I have used and is now in my top 10 products, something I will have with me at all times. I love the feeling the crème has when shaving and also that it’s in a handy, travel size bottle.

Since using this crème I have noticed a big improvement in the condition of my skin on my head and face, fewer spots, nick marks and rashes.

The crème really does protect your skin and leaves you feeling like you’ve had a close shave. I can always tell how good a shaving product is my the ‘hand test’ at the end of the day, if my head still feels smooth before I go to bed then it’s been a good shave – with this product it even feels smooth in the morning!

The product might be slightly higher in price than some other shave crèmes but you really do pay for what you get and with this crème, it’s worth paying that little bit extra for quality and a number of shaves you get from the concentrated formula. I have to give this crème full marks, I recommend you all try it.

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Men-ü Shave Crème




Ease of Use





  • A little goes a long way
  • Excellent silky texture and easy to use
  • The razor really does glide over your skin whilst shaving your face and head


  • 165 shaves a little far fetched
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  1. I have tried about 25 shave creams and soaps over the last few years and there are good and not so good ones – but Menu-U shave cream is, by far, the clear winner from them all. It is not cheap, but then neither am I and while you won’t get the claimed number of shaves from it if you like to do multiple passes (as I do), who cares as it is well worth it. It has a lovely clean, fresh, minty flavour with a bit of menthol (I think?) so it is enjoyable and refreshing to use, and the lubrication and protection it gives is superb. The Men-U refresh gel and moisturiser are pretty good as aftershaves, but I best pair it with Baxters of California face tonic and shave balm for a continuation of minty, menthol zingyness!

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