10 Benefits of Shaving Your Head Completely Bald

Shaving Head Bald

Not only am I bald man, but I’m also exceptionally proud to rock my look! But don’t be fooled – it wasn’t always this way, as there was a time when I dreaded the idea of losing my hair.

Having begun to struggle with male pattern baldness in my late teens, I lost huge amounts of confidence while experimenting with several unsuccessful remedies to help maintain my full, luscious locks!

Having taken the empowering decision to shave my head, I can honestly say that I’ve not looked back since. Not only this, but I’ve also grown to understand the numerous and diverse benefits of having a shaved head, including some advantages that I’d never have thought of back in my youth.

In this post, I’m going to share these benefits with you, so that you can understand how shaving your head can be a positive and life-changing experience regardless of your personal circumstances!

So, let’s get started!

#1 – You’ll take years off your appearance with a shaved head

My premature hair loss was the result of male pattern baldness, which affects around 40% of all men by the age of 35 and 50% of males by the time they reach 50. This is a progressive condition that initially causes your hair line to recede, before your hair begins to thin and eventually fall out around the crown and the temples.

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While you may be tempted to mask your receding hair line with a carefully cultivated piece of styling or some other temporary fix, however, take it from me that this is completely ineffective and merely delaying the inevitable.

Not only this, but such an approach can also add years to your appearance, as it’s almost impossible to hide the effects of male pattern baldness while you’ll often achieve little more than drawing attention to the afflicted areas.

In contrast, shaving your head creates a clean, virile and more masculine look, and one that conveys a strong sense of confidence and youthfulness to others.

#2 – Women will love you

As a bald head is commonly associated with virility and masculinity, it’s little wonder that modern women find men like Jason Statham enduringly attractive.

I was interested to find out that there’s a little more science behind this than initially meets the eye, with a bald head known to offer a number of proven social advantages.

Research in Social Psychological and Personality Science has explored these in detail, by measuring how women perceive men with shaved heads in comparison to those who have a full head of hair.

In short, men with a shaved head are considered to be more agreeable and dominant, while they’re also perceived to be around 6% more confident and 13% stronger.

As women are more likely to see these desirable characteristics in bald men such as myself, this instantly makes them more immediately attractive and arguably more viable as potential life partners.

Bald man dating

This is great news if you have a shaved head, while it should also assuage any confidence issues or concerns that you may have when you begin to go bald.

#3 – You’ll save a great deal of money

The current generation of men are spending more than ever on their hair, with DIY clipper cuts gradually becoming a thing of the past. In fact, the average British male now spends £364 a year on cuts, colouring and styling products, and even allowing for inflation this seems like a huge sum of money!

Shaving your head requires no such a large investment, as you can embrace baldness with little more than some oil, shaving cream and a modern razor.

OK, so you’ll still need to buy some shampoo and conditioner to keep your head clean and moisturised, but this should distract from the huge savings that you’ll be able to make over time.

Even if you follow my lead and initially use a mobile hairdresser to shave your head (I simply couldn’t bring myself to do it for the first time), a professional clip will not cost the earth while it’s relatively cost-effective to maintain this look.

So, if you want an economic solution to your male pattern baldness, shaving your head is the way to go!

#4 – It can draw attention to your best features 

Back in the day, I was really proud of my hairstyle. A rock-star combination of short and long, I had the thickest of locks and a neat, wavy fringe. But I do remember that this was a tough style to maintain, particularly when the heavy winds set in or the rain began to fall in the autumn.

Many of you will probably identify with this issue, and the problem here is that a ragged or weather-worn hairstyle can quickly detract from your positive features and other elements of your look.

If you try to counter the effects with a hat, then you tend to make the problem worse (unless you intend to wear this all the time during the winter!)

This will become a thing of the past once you shave your head, as you create a clean and simplified look that’s far easier to maintain.

As a result of this, you’ll be able to draw attention to your best facial features while also showcasing interesting aesthetic features such as a beard or your innate sense of fashion.

I also found that growing a beard enhances this effect, as it draws the eye further down and allows your carefully cultivated look to truly flourish.

Razor’s Edge YouTube Channel

If you’re still not convinced, we made a video on our YouTube channel detailing dealing with hair loss and making the decision to shave your head. Take a look below if you’re interested!


Back to the pro’s of shaving…

#5 – You’ll look more athletic and muscular

I explained earlier how studies have shown that women perceive men to be 13% stronger than those with a full head of hair. There’s actually a scientific explanation for this particular finding, and one which explains why bald men such as me to appear slightly more athletic and muscular than we actually are.

In simple terms, shaving your hair reduces the mass of your head and makes it look smaller.

This automatically makes your upper body appear bigger, creating the appearance of a far broader and more masculine frame.

Fit bald man

You’ll find that your neck, shoulders and upper chest muscles will instantly appear bigger after you shave your head, while the lack of hair will ensure that people pay close attention to the shape of your upper body.

If you want further proof, ask yourself why so many competitive body-builders (think of Phil Heath, for example) choose to shave their heads?

This is because it actively improved body composition and symmetry, and if it’s good enough for those guys it should be good enough for you too, right?

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#6 – You’ll take a weight off your shoulders (no pun intended)

When I was struggling with hair loss, I began to suffer with anxiety and depression at the mere thought of going bald. With every failed remedy or treatment, my self-esteem plummeted further and my sense of desperation grew palpable.

At my lowest ebb, I spent thousands of pounds of hard-earned money on a so-called hair thickening treatment at a clinic in Manchester, such was the emotional burden I was being forced to carry. Hope soon gave way to despair once again, however, as the effects of the treatment failed to last and  I entered a further spiral of depression.

It was around this time that I began to accept my reality and decided to have my head shaved, and to say that I was dreading this moment is an understatement.

Almost as soon as I’d seen my striking new look in the mirror, I felt an immediate weight lifted from my shoulders.

Sure, it took a little time to get used to having no hair on my head, but it was strangely empowering as the stress of hiding my receding hairline suddenly (and thankfully) became a thing of the past.

This enabled me to embrace my reality and refocus on the important things on life, and in this respect shaving my head also afforded me some genuine perspective.

#7 – You may enjoy better career progression

Now you may think we’re reaching here, but there have been some scientific studies which suggest that bald men are likely to enjoy faster and better career progression.

While many of these studies have been conducted in U.S. society, their findings are fascinating and well worthy of consideration.

I’ve already said that bald men are perceived as being stronger and more dominant, while the fact that shaved heads are often found on males in traditionally masculine professions furthers this idea.

These characteristics are also often associated with leadership, meaning that employers are more likely to seriously consider applicants with shaved heads for senior management roles.

This applies whether you’re out of work and looking for a job and hoping to progress your career with a current employer, and it’s certainly one of the unheralded social benefits of being a bald man in the 21st century!

#8 – Enjoy a nice, cool breeze in the summertime

Be honest, have you ever found yourself wishing that you were bald during the hot, sun-kissed months of summer? If so, you’re not alone, as excess sweat and moisture makes your hair feel heavy and at times impossible to style.

This can leave you looking ragged, while those of you with an excess of hair may also end up feeling far hotter than you actually are.

The contrast with a bald head is quite remarkable, as even during the hottest days you’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing summer breeze and avoid the risk of overheating.

Bald man in summer

I remember my first summer as a bald man being something of a revelation, as it’s far easier to remain comfortable without a heavy mane of sweat-drenched hair on your head!

Just a note of caution: if you do shave your head in time for summer, make sure that you protect it against the elements. Most importantly, remember to apply a generous helping of high-factor sunscreen to the scalp to minimise the risk of burning, and be sure to invest in a light hat for times when you spend hours out in the sun.

#9 – You’ll have a more efficient metabolism

One of the main triggers of male pattern baldness is high levels of testosterone within the body, which often converts to DHT and harms the hair follicles on the scalp.

Despite this, us bald men can seek solace in the fact that high levels of testosterone have a positive influence on other areas of our life.

This is known to create a faster and more efficient metabolism, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight, build muscle and developer a far better shape.

So while you may be losing your hair, this could be a positive indication that you’ll find it far easier to stay in shape and avoid becoming overweight as you grow older and your metabolism typically slows down.

I was also fascinated to find out that having high levels of testosterone in the body also leads to a lower concentration of fat in the face. This definitely put a smile on my face, but it shows that one of the key triggers of male pattern baldness is also responsible for many other positive things.

#10 – You’ll be at a lower risk of illness

We close with a big one, has a recent UK study found that if you start to go bald at a young age you’ll have a 45% less chance of getting prostate cancer than someone with a full head of hair.

This is once again due to having high levels of testosterone in the body, as long-term exposure to large quantities of DHT is thought to dramatically reduce the growth of tumours.

These findings were entirely opposed to those of historical studies, which actually suggested that high levels of testosterone actively increased the growth of tumours.

So, if you’re like me and begin to notice your hair falling out in clumps before the age of 30, you may well be at a lower risk of illnesses such as prostate cancer in later life.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is great news, and just another fascinating (if easily overlooked) benefit of losing your hair!

Final thoughts

If you’re going bald, taking the bold decision to accept your reality and shave your head is an extremely difficult one.

I know this from personal experience, but I also know that this is an empowering act that will help you take control of your destiny and ultimately a number of truly incredible social, financial and physical advantages.

Paul Inman

Paul Inman is the founder of The Bald Gent. As the main contributor to TBG, Paul has years of knowledge, experience and stories to share with our users. His insights, advice and blogs form the backbone to everything we do and what makes being a true gent so important to the ethos of TBG.

  1. I started having a problem with my hair pattern when I was 15-16 and now I am 18 and it looks extremely bad. I always questioned why I am like this the way I am and it constantly made me depressed and resulted in low Self-Esteem. And now, I’ve finally taken a decision that I will shave my head on Wednesday. I want to change my looks.

  2. Paul, thanks so much for your website and great content. Always very informative and helpful! As you have said many times before, once you take the plunge and shave your head you won’t look back.

    1. Many thanks Kevin, glad you like our site. We are adding more and more content and some new features coming soon.
      Never looked back the day I shaved my head – the best thing I ever did to improve my appearance!

  3. I know this may sound odd, but there’s too much good news here. From someone with experience, I’d love to hear the downsides of shaving it off.

  4. Apart from a fashion statement, that should change from season to season or year to year, going bald and shaving your head now and then are two different things. However, for those going bald this is a great info for them to enjoy positive aspects of it. Everything comes with a price.

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