Should Bald Men Get Tattoos? Here’s What You Should Consider

Bald man with tattoos

I’m a fan of tattoos, on the right people they can look amazing, on others they can end up making you look well, a bit of an idiot (personal opinion of course).

I have a tattoo, an old one. I say to myself every month, ‘I need to update this’, it will happen but at the moment other things have priority and I need to find the time to decide what is it I actually want.

This kind of leads me onto the reason for this article. If you are going to ink your body, think before you ink.

As a bald guy or a guy is going through hair loss, you don’t want to head towards the nearest tattooist and have any old ‘off the shelf’ pattern or picture tattooed onto your body, it’s not a way to fix your problems or just try and make yourself ‘cool’.

Tattoos are permanent, yes laser treatment is good and will remove most tattoos with little scarring but it’s costly and depending on the size of the tattoo it could take several treatments.

The reason I advise with an air of caution is that if times are difficult for you emotionally, dealing with the hair loss, relationship & work problems then running to the nearest tattooists is not always the answer. You need to come to terms with your new look, your style before you decide to ink – getting it wrong could cause you further issues later on.

These days tattoos are much more mainstream than they used to be, they are widely socially acceptable and no longer come with the stigma of being the choice of the local bad boy or hard man.

However, tattooing your body if you’re bald can sometimes give you the stereotypical look of ‘the thug’, ‘tough guy’ or ‘hard man’. The bald head tends to accentuate the look, Hollywood visually portrays many villains or hard men with a bald head – funny at times but not if you have people crossing the street to avoid you!

I am not saying don’t get a tattoo I am just saying think before you ink. Don’t act upon emotions, don’t do it in order to try and ‘fit in’ or ‘look cool’, but if you do want to get inked then take your time, chose the right design, the right place on your body and above all, a quality tattooists.

Paul Inman

Paul Inman is the founder of The Bald Gent. As the main contributor to TBG, Paul has years of knowledge, experience and stories to share with our users. His insights, advice and blogs form the backbone to everything we do and what makes being a true gent so important to the ethos of TBG.

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