About T.B.G

The Bald Gent, or T.B.G for short, was started with one aim, to be the voice for all the men out there that are going through or have gone through the problem of hair loss. We are not trying to be the ‘agony aunt’ for the follicly challenged, more the big brother, the voice of support, reason and advice on not only how to manage you through the loss but to come out of it with style, class and confidence. Above all we want our readers/members to be living life to the full, embracing their look, rocking their style and in the process, become the true gentleman.

The Bald Gent Story & Ethos

Just because you might be bald, going bald or just un-groomed doesn’t mean to say that you can’t exude the traits that make a true man a gentleman. T.B.G is here to be the voice, the sounding board and if we can, the bible for the bald man on all things lifestyle, grooming and fashion related.

A man is not measured by the way he looks, he is measured on the things he does, the choices he makes and the way he conducts himself. T.B.G man is modern, stylish and above all, confident in himself and his appearance. He is respected, he is admired and his actions are what make him a Gent. If in his actions he decides to follow the advice and support on this site we hope that he will not only act like a Gent but he will look like one too.

T.B.G aims to give back the sophistication and style to men who don’t think they deserve it or have ‘given up’. It’s our job, through our posts regarding subjects as varied as, ‘how to shave your head’, to the, ‘best grooming and styling tips’ to make sure our readers evolve into the true gentlemen they should be.

Paul Inman

There is simply nothing wrong with losing your hair, becoming bald happens to nearly 40% of all men on the planet, some of us just choose to make sure we look good in the process. At T.B.G we think that every man should be stylish, confident and act like a Gent. Respect is not given, it is earned – let us help not only give you back that confidence but in the process, we make sure you live your life as a gentleman, a man that can be respected, a man that can be admired and a man that will be remembered.

Become that man with us…


2016 – Idea starts to become a reality

2017 – Site is launched after months of planning, writing and researching

Future – well this is up to you the readers, T.B.G needs to build its member base, we need the support from you all in order to keep bringing you the content we think you really need. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and your ideas will be welcomed.