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T.B.G is an online magazine that aims to be the voice for all men who are losing or have lost their hair and want to become confident, stylish and sophisticated gentlemen.

Useful statistics

Two-thirds of all men will experience some hair loss by the time they hit 35, and by age 50 a full 85% of guys will have some thinning hair. In the US alone, there are 35 million men experiencing male pattern baldness, and this is also true for 7.4 million in the UK.

For many men, baldness comes with many negative psychological effects, including low self-esteem, depression and general dissatisfaction with their appearance. This site is built to prevent this from happening, restoring confidence and improving the lives of millions of bald men around the world.

This presents an incredible opportunity for brands to get products in front of this audience, and if you believe your products are both useful & relevant to this persona, then we’d love to hear from you.

We have a range of advertising opportunities available which are listed as below.

Product Giveaways/Competitions

Items for giveaway must align with our style/aesthetic. If you believe in your product and you feel it would give value to our audience then please feel free to get in-touch to receive further information.

Press Samples & Product Reviews

We would welcome your products to review in future posts. As a rule, we will only review products that Paul would personally endorse and feel that the readers would truly enjoy. Paul will give his honest opinion on all products he reviews and the post will include a disclosure that the product was sent as a press sample. More information on product reviews can be found within our disclosure policy for detailed specifics.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a great way to introduce your company and services to our readers or provide us with materials which you would like us to review. We are very selective with the brands and companies that we choose to work with so we would recommend contacting us first to discuss your ideas, rates and specifics. Please read our disclosure policy for more details. All sponsored posts will be fully disclosed to readers and will include our open and honest opinion.

Banner Advertisements

Display banner ads are one of the simplest, yet effective ways to promote your products or service. We have a range of different banner slots available on T.B.G, so please get in-touch to receive more specifics including typical sizes, rates and availability.

A note to our readers

This site is run because Paul wanted to make sure all bald guys out there had somewhere to go for support & advice, grooming, style guides, and fashion & lifestyle articles, we want to make sure T.B.G can keep on providing you with this level of content for years to come.

Advertising revenue helps to continue this work, build the community and keep the site moving forward.

We have ambitious plans over the coming years for T.B.G and these take time and effort. The plans are big, our ideas even bigger. We can only make these plans a reality with the backing of our readers, advertising revenue makes this possible.

Up to date, T.B.G has been self-funded, We have spent months putting the site together, we are committed to bringing you great content and passionate about the work we do. Paul spends hours of his personal time outside his full-time commitments to continually write, research and test new and exciting content, product reviews and fashion ideas for the site.

T.B.G is an honest and true company, Paul started the business with a real driving force behind his ethos, vision and direction. His passion is to make this the best site on the planet for the follicly-challenged and it’s contagious, therefore we want to make sure our readers get only the best we can deliver.

Anyone can read the content for free, it’s there for everyone and anyone who needs it. In order for us to keep this content free, we do need to make money from advertising, we don’t want to hide that fact.

The type of advertising we aim to bring to you is relevant, we strive to not let advertising onto the site that is deemed ‘inappropriate’ or ‘out of context’.

One final note from Paul

Gents, I would like firstly thank you for reading content on our site, your comments and feedback really help me tailor new articles to keep supporting you and driving you forward. I started this site for one simple reason, I thought it was about time we (as a collective group), had a voice, being a bald guy is just a look, being a true gentleman is something much bigger.

Everything I write comes from years of experience, my own thoughts and research, product testing and personal reviews. I am constantly striving to produce the best content I can, and hopefully, you find most of this useful. My wish for the future is that the site becomes much more than what it is now, this can only happen with your continued help, support and feedback.

Once again, thank you for your time and enjoy the articles.