All you need to know about living the Bald Gent lifestyle. Help, support, advice and tips for any man losing it, styling it or going for the full shave.

Shaving Head Bald

10 Benefits of Shaving Your Head Completely Bald

Not only am I bald man, but I’m also exceptionally proud to rock my look! But don’t be fooled – it wasn’t always this way, as there was a time when I dreaded…

Sexy Bald Man

6 Solid Reasons Why Bald Men Are Sexy

Being bald, for some, is an option. Some like to keep it easy up there without the hassle of choosing what hairstyle to have. And there are those men who have to…

What women notice about men

10 Things Women First Notice About a Man

There’s no doubt that love represents big business across the globe, with the dating services market now worth in excess of $2.55 billion in the U.S. alone. Online dating platforms account for…

aftershaves that women love

10 Aftershaves Women Absolutely LOVE on Men 

Aftershave is a staple item in most adult male’s closets, as they look to ease the infamous burn caused by shaving and cloak their skin in a pleasant and masculine fragrance.  The…

How to age

5 Tips To Help You Age Harmoniously

Ageing can sometimes seem like a daunting road, but it doesn’t always have to! There are tons of tips and tricks to help your body age in harmony, and we’ve got just…

Reasons why your hair is falling out

8 Random Daily Reasons why your Hair is Falling Out

Whilst hair loss is often considered to be a stressful and potentially life-changing experience, it’s actually a lot more common than you think. In fact, the average person sheds between 50 and…