Protect The Environment

It’s the responsibility of all of us to protect the world in which we live

Protecting the environment is everyone’s duty

We are without a doubt the guardians of the planet; we are not here to destroy what nature has given us. It’s a collective effort to protect the environment and our fragile ecological systems.

Without positive actions for change, we will ultimately end up destroying not only our environment but also our way of life.

At T.B.G we support the fight clean up our oceans from industrial and domestic waste, we will try to educate our members to act responsibility when it comes to recycling anything they use.

We all want to look and feel our best, but it should not be at the determent to our environment, oceans and nature. Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean every year – killing marine life and threatening precious ecosystems.

Plastic bag in ocean with dolphin

We ask our members to support the foundations below and act responsibly when it comes to both your purchases and recycling the products you use.

We will endeavour, where possible, to always recycle any product we test. If the product cannot be recycled we will make sure it is disposed of in the correct manner by reputable firms.

We will endeavour to review and endorse products that do not cause undue harm to the environment or animals.

We will endeavour to act in a responsible manner and consult with all manufacturers where we are concerned about their environment policies.

If we do not believe the company/brand in question has the best interests of the environment in mind then we will neither review their products nor feature them on our site.

We ask all our member to join the fight to protect our environment, our animals and our ecological systems.

If you know of any product that breaks these codes please contact us.

Act for change NOW.

We ask our members to kindly help us support the below charities in order to clear up the ocean and improve our environment.

The Ocean Cleanup
Plastic Oceans