Dating & Relationships

You may have lost your hair, but confidence is a gents secret weapon when it comes to dating and relationships. Here’s some timeless advice for hitting the dating scene without your hair.

Bald man in bed

Bald Men And Sex: Are They Better In Bed?

While a significant number of men choose to cut off all their hair and become Bald by choice, others become Bald naturally. Either way, bald men are considered attractive by a significant…

Bald man with good style on date

Relationship Building: Keeping Up The Appearance

So you have been on a few dates, it’s going pleasantly well and she seems to really like you. Now it’s time to make sure you don’t fall into old, bad habits…

Young couple dating

Young and bald: How to play the dating game right

The dating game isn’t always a breeze. For most, it’s difficult enough, regardless of your age, background, ethnicity, religion etc., so when it comes to dating when you’re young and going bald,…

Balding relationship problems

Dealing With Relationship Problems Due To Balding

Losing your hair is emotionally pretty traumatic for the majority of men, so adding relationship problems on top of this feels like the world is just slipping away from under your feet.…