7 Bad Hairstyles Bald Men Need To Avoid

Bad Haircut

Grooming is an essential part of our everyday lives.

Our head is our shop window so make sure it’s groomed. Whether you’re losing it and working with the best haircut you can, or you’re shaving like me, make sure this area of your body is the best it can be. I have already talked about the best ways to shave, trim and groom your hair, but this post is different; I want to make sure you don’t make any of the hairstyles or grooming faux pas that some men have made.

It goes without saying these styles, or excuses to keep hold of your thinning hair, are a complete NO – don’t do it, if you are, STOP and if you’re thinking, ‘maybe I should do something about my look’, please do yourself a favour and start now.

All of these are BANNED from this point on; no Gent I know sports one of these styles.

#1 – The Combover

Comb Over
Come on, there’s no need.

#2 – The Comb Forward

Comb Forward Hairstyle
Who are you trying to kid?

#3 – Clown Hair

George Costanza
Come on now, George Costanza.

#4 – The Monk

Monk Hair
Unless you are actually a Monk, this hair cut should be avoided.

#5 – Long sides, bald top

Long Sides Bald Top
What are you trying to say here, you can still grow hair but only on some parts of your head?

#6 – Bald Ponytail

Bald man with ponytail
All round massive turn off and seriously bad look.

#7 – Make it spiky

Bald man with spiky hair
Whaaaaat, why not walk around with a big hand pointing to your balding head

All of these are classic examples of men who are too afraid to come to terms with the facts that they’re balding. Hiding away or sporting any of these laughable cuts only makes matters worse, not better.


Paul Inman

Paul Inman is the founder of The Bald Gent. As the main contributor to TBG, Paul has years of knowledge, experience and stories to share with our users. His insights, advice and blogs form the backbone to everything we do and what makes being a true gent so important to the ethos of TBG.

  1. Hi.
    My boyfriend is 60 y.o. and five years ago he wanted to grow a ponytail like he had in college. For awhile it looked great, even though his hair is receding. His hair is so thin that when it’s not in the ponytail, his hair is like string.

    He has a fabulous, thick, goatee. So many people have mentioned, in a sensitive manner, to cut it.
    If short he has a little tuft of hair up top. The back is fuller. He has receded next to the tuft terribly.

    He looked great in short hair when we started dating.

    He keeps saying,” I know I have to cut it someday. I’ll look so old, etc…” In my mind it would be sexier. I have told him that.
    I want it gone! It’s awful, messy looking. We are soon going away to a very upscale event, and it is awful with the unkempt pony. He has more than 4″ of split ends and has never had it cut in 4.5 years.


    1. Hi there K – thanks for reaching out. My first suggestion would be to get him to read the article you did, 7 Bad Hairstyles Bald Men Need To Avoid. If this doesn’t convince him to get rid of it then try suggestion he cuts it off to try and see what he looks like if he doesn’t like then tell him he can grow it back. Of course, you don’t want him to grow it so pay him as many compliments about his new look, how modern and young he looks, get family and friends to do the same – there is nothing better than an ego boost to make new looks become permanent – good luck.
      P.S. Maybe print the article out and get him to read it – you might not want him to see this comment if he reads it online

  2. I profoundly respect bald men who assume themselves. It’s not an easy thing to lose your hair, so when it comes to the options they have to be “correct”, they aren’t wide. So here’s a suggestion: let them have the look they’re willing to assume, get over those superficial matters and appreciate mankind a step beyond the appearance.

  3. Great advice! And, likewise would encourage men who are balding to embrace it, and own it! It’s been years since I started to go bald! I love I, and only regret wasting years of insecurity for nothing. What I am writing to you about, is not what bad hair style to have, as I’m pretty comfortable with a #1, if not closer. No, I am wondering if you guys know of any guy who is balding on the top (I started receding, and it’s almost half way now :D) but hair on the sides, who has shaved lines, or some kind of stylish wave in to a #1? If so, what is it called, or would it look ridiculous! I’m like style, and want like to know if it’s even a thing?

  4. I say embrace it. I see green , blue, pink, purple hair, nose rings, one inch holes in ear lobes, you can handle a bald man with long hair, imbrace his image, in 20 years kids will be shaving the top of there head and growing out the sides long. Females and males alike.

  5. Not every man who goes bald wants to shave their head. Shaved heads can look aggressive, militaristic, and harsh on certain men. I think many bald men look better and less aggressive when they keep the hair they have.

  6. 10/ 5 stars my friend loved these hairstyles cant wait to be a barber wow so fun 2 tickets out of 6 thumbs ups thank gg no ree

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